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If you want a pristine, healthy, and beautiful smile, our New London Complete Health Dentistry team recommends cleaning your chompers every day while you are at the office. This will help you wash away the plaque and food particles that cling to your teeth and harm your oral health. We understand that this task might add a little more to your to-do list, but we have some tips that will help make it a bit easier, which are:

· Keep a soft-bristled toothbrush in your desk. If you do so, the likelihood of you brushing will increase by 65 percent, according to an AGD/Oral-B study. We also encourage you to keep floss in your desk as well. In fact, keep flossing tools handy so you can floss and work at the same time.

· Make a goal for yourself to clean your teeth right after lunch. If you make this a priority, you won’t need to worry about having food stuck in your smile or having bad breath.

· After you use your brush, dry the bristles off and keep it in a sanitary travel container. This will help keep the office bacteria away.

· Remember to replace your work toothbrush more often than your home toothbrush. This is important because your office tends to have more germs and bacteria than your home.

For more information and tips, call 419-929-1544 today and talk to Dr. Joshua Merrill or a member of our caring dental team. We know that dental care and oral hygiene can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at times, but we are here to help you in any way we can to make things easier for you. We look forward to talking with you!