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Are you familiar with the effects of tooth decay on your oral health? Because tooth decay is an issue with your tooth enamel slowly being worn down over time, an effective prevention plan will need to be in place to keep your teeth strong as you age. Common questions and concerns associated with the presence of tooth decay and what to do to prevent it can be found below:

What is the relationship between tooth decay and your oral health?
If you make poor oral health choices, you will be at a much greater risk for tooth decay.

How can oral hygiene treatments be used to help prevent tooth decay?
By brushing and flossing on a daily basis, you can lower your risk for tooth decay by eliminating harmful substances that helped cause the disorder.

What are the risk factors for tooth decay?
Excessive plaque buildup and dental erosion accompanied by poor oral hygiene cleaning techniques can all increase your risk of tooth decay.

What are my options for treating and preventing tooth decay?
In order to effectively prevent and treat tooth decay, you will need to make sure you visit your dentist routinely for professional cleanings and oral examinations. They will make sure that your mouth is well protected and free of any damage that can potentially give rise to tooth decay. They will also help you establish a daily oral hygiene routine.

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