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Today, many dental hygiene products contain fluoride as one of the ingredients, but do you know why this is the case? Dr. Joshua Merrill and our team offer an overview of the natural mineral fluoride, which enhances the teeth by nourishing them and making them stronger so that you have less risk of losing tooth enamel or developing tooth decay. Regular fluoride exposure offers many benefits to your oral health, and we review how this occurs.

There are many ways to receive more fluoride exposure, which can come in the form of drinking fluoridated water, using a hygiene product to clean your teeth or receiving fluoride treatment from our dentist. When this mineral comes into contact with your smile, it attaches to the surface of the teeth and soaks into the tooth enamel, saturating your smile with minerals that your teeth need. Fluoride helps to harden the tooth enamel, which is the shell of the tooth, so that it’s much more difficult for bacteria, acid or tooth decay to penetrate your teeth.

You can receive fluoride treatment at any age, though it is not provided to infants because they consume foods and beverages that provide their smiles with strength. Upon reaching the age of two or three, your child can start receiving regular fluoride treatment and fluoride applications to protect their teeth.

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